Ancestry Research

After his mother died, Bill inherited photos of his family, many of which he didn’t know well. Bill spent the last 20 years researching ancestry and discovering long-lost stories of his early family members going back as far as 1720. He found that he loved the research, and enjoyed knowing the stories of his early Oettinger Jewish ancestors, as well as Elizabeth’s Sproul ancestors as well.

Bill traced his Ross family heritage back to John Ross Sr, who was born around 1720, and his Oettinger line back to Ephraim Oettinger who was born around 1730 and died July 24, 1786. I know he paid special attention to Solomon Oettinger (1848 Germany –1923 Kinston, NC) and Lillie Traitel (1905–1993 Kinston, NC), who were his Mother’s parents.

View/contribute to the Ephriam Oettinger-Benjamin Ross tree on (Must have an account to access.)

An expanded view of the Ross Family Tree, going back 9 generations… all the way to 1720!

This is the Sproul Family line going back to William Sproul, who was born in 1732 in Ireland. View/contribute to the Sproul Family Tree on (Must have an account to access.)